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Healthcare Provider Benefits


Improve Google Search Ranking

The MediFinder core is built to enhance google rankings for both practice and specialist.

Conventional clinic websites require costly developer fees to maintain and improve search rankings, we include this service to all MediFinder members.

We eliminate the need for drastic competitive SEO plans by automatically analysing your practice name, branch location(s) and relevant words within your profile information.

Members receive this service with their free trial and by completing their profile information.

Verified Patient Reviews

Build your reputation with reviews from real patients with our secure review system.

Our review system process is designed to confirm patients have completed appointments, ensuring reviews are authentic. Our aim is to provide a reliable and unbiased platform for both patient and provider.

Patients can post reviews after completing an appointment booked through the system, or by obtaining an access code to unlock the review panel.

Multiple security measures are in place to restrict abuse of the platform, thus providing an honest and protected network for all.

The system allows you to respond to patients reviews and post replies on your profile or dashboard.

Add Multiple Branch Locations

Whether your practice has a single location or multiple, we provide UNLIMITED clinic contact information slots free of charge.

Enter multiple clinic locations and contact information.

Switch main locations with a click of a button. Patients will see your updated location in their search results.

Profile Dashboard

This is where patients engage with your profile. List your sub-specialties, video channels, procedures, spoken languages and consultation fees.

Add photos of your practice, insurance connections, awards, experience and showcase your latest articles.

Build Team & Affiliations

Build your network and create efficient gateways for patients to investigate, compare and book your team.

The custom panel is available to add temporary listings if you cannot find a particular user. This option is useful to add clinic staff not required to have a profile, or to showcase affiliations not listed with our platform.

Showcase your colleagues and staff on your profile. Search and send requests to any specialist and wait for your request to be accepted.

Smart Calendar Appointments

The smart calendar is an intuitive function for posting custom and grouped appointment slots to your public booking page.

The smart calendar app is responsive with any device, enabling booking updates from anywhere at any time.

Fill in patient cancellations and edit shifting work schedules on the move!

Booking Manager

The booking manager is a simple and intuitive tool to manage appointment requests.

Real-time patient status updates for cancellations. Re-post cancelled time-slots directly from your email alert.

Automated reminders are sent to patients for upcoming appointments to reduce no shows.


View page statistics and profile hits from patients. Improve your practice with the data interface to analyse booking trends and other useful statistics.