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Welcome to MediFinder, a medical directory and booking platform dedicated to providing transparent and efficient healthcare for the future.

Built in collaboration with practicing specialists, our system is designed to improve connections between patient and provider; patients can compare, book and review healthcare, whilst providers can build their reputation and boost patient reach.

Book and review healthcare efficiently and securely 24 hours a day.

Easy to use appointment manager with automatic status updates and reminders!

Connect seamlessly with affiliated professionals showcased on every providers profile.

Build your own trusted healthcare database to share with friends and family in need.

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Take control of your health today with our network of verified specialists and clinics. Sign up for free to book healthcare which suits your schedule:

Fast track to your providers next available booking with the smart calendar function!

Save your appointment information for efficient future bookings!

Investigate verified experiences and ratings from real patients!

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Search by specialty, location and insurance coverage. We also provide filters for price, gender and language to help find your ideal provider.


Compare comprehensive information on healthcare professionals with verified reviews, certifications, awards, affiliations and publications. Save providers to your Favourites panel and compare in your own time!


Our smart calendar fast tracks to your selected providers next available date without the need for endless scrolling. If a provider doesn't post any appointment times, the ‘request appointment’ option will appear with your auto-filled appointment fields. Quick and easy!


We strive to ensure all patient reviews are authentic. We want to provide an unbiased and reliable tool that you can depend on to find appropriate healthcare. Rate and review providers on bedside manners, waiting time, supporting staff, facilities and your recommendation to other potential patients.

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An intuitive appointment manager and network for medical professionals and facilities. Build your reputation with our range of features:

Booking status updates and automated patient reminders!

Add and manage appointments easily from any device with the smart calendar feature!

Build your practice page with team members and affiliates!

Dashboard Control

Add media, insurance, procedures, awards, experience and availability. Invite colleagues to be showcased on your page and improve patient connections.

Boost Availability

Manage your calendar and fill last-minute openings caused by cancellations and shifting schedules. Our appointment reminder system will notify you when patients cannot attend, providing sufficient time to re-post cancelled appointments efficiently.

Build Your Reputation

Build your reputation with reviews from verified patients. The patient verification process is designed to ensure an unbiased and reliable platform. Patients can review after completing an appointment booked through the system, or by obtaining an access code to unlock the review panel.

Write, archive & share articles!

Write articles to gain exposure through patient shares and engagement. Posting topics on the latest healthcare trends, technology and procedures will improve your profile hits. Reply to comments from visitors to gain traction to your posts. Including relevant keywords with your specialty will maximise your SEO potential!

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